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The property

We are a family farm located Matha, a small town in the Charente Maritime 20 km north of Cognac in the area bounded naming Fins Bois.

You can come visit our winery and our operating upon appointment throughout the year. I will personally guid you to visit the property. You can discover all stages of manufacture of Cognac and Pineau des Charentes: the cellar of the old material, a still from the 50s, the cellar aging Pineaux the cellar water spirits ...

The property is surrounded by a park which has taken root in many species of bamboo and various plants. You'll discover and relax in a pleasant and green. (See our website about bamboo)

Charentais interior has been restored so that you can account for what the daily life of our grandparents.

The visits will conclude with a tasting of our products.

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Soil properties:
mainly chalk and clay based

Vines: Ugni-blanc is exclusively used for our Cognac. Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties for the rosé Pineau des Charentes. Mature Ugni Blanc vines of at least 40 years are used for the white Pineau des Charentes.

Production: limited to 80 hectalitres/hectare (hl/ha) for Cognac production and 50 hl/ha for the production of both of the Pineau des Charentes.
Cultivation techniques: we feed our vines with organic fertilizer, treat them each separately and only when necessary, and allow grass to grow between the lines of vines.

Wine production: the fermentation process is carefully monitored by the Cognac Oenologie Laboratory in Cognac. They also monitor the Cognac and Pineau des Charentes as they mature.



Wine Fairs

Nous participons à de nombreux salons dans toute la France. Pour connaître les prochains salons où nous serons présents, reportez-vous à la rubrique . Si vous désirez nous rencontrer à ce moment-là et obtenir des invitations, n'hésitez-pas à nous contacter par , courrier, téléphone ou autre. Toutes nos coordonnées sont disponibles dans la rubrique Mentions Légales.

Habituellement, nous nous rendons aux salons ou foires internationales de Béziers, Cannes Mandelieu, Hyères, Nantes, Quimper, Toulon Sanary, Toulouse...

We attend numerous wine fairs all over France. To find out when and where forthcoming events are taking place, see our News section. If you would like to be invited to attend such occasions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, mail, telephone or otherwise. All details are available in the Legal Notice section.

Normally, we attend the international wine fairs in the following Cities: Béziers, Cannes Mandelieu, Hyères, Nantes, Quimper, Toulon, Sanary, Toulouse

We are also keen to attend events in the United Kingdom, if you are aware of any forthcoming events and would like to invite us, please do not hesitate to Contact us.